Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 "Big Iguana" Fantasy Team 12 team PPR 2QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex, K, D/ST, 8Bench Draft Results Pick 2...Please Rate!

Standard PPR 12 team league. One point per reception.

Round#1 - Jamal Charles - Went for a running back and not Drew Brees! Peyton Manning went first! Hope it pans out!
Round # 2 - Demarco Murray - Best available running back and hopefully I get my 2nd round value.
Round #3 - Antonio Brown - Need the receptions and he was the best receiver available.
Round #4 - Andre Ellington - I believe in this pick as a winner!
Round #5 - Toby Gerhart -  Gets his chance to be the lead back in a system that will need him!
Round #6 - Cordelle Patterson - PPR magnet? I sure hope so at least the goal line might be his friend!
Round #7 - Andy Dalton - Thought I better grab a quarterback and had him pegged before draft.
Round #8 - Ryan Tannehill - Back to back quarterbacks to solidify the two I needed.
Round #9 - Golden Tate - As in my other league new scenery hopefully will bring more fantasy points.
Round #10 - Mike Evans - Buccaneer fan had to get one. 
Round #11 - Kelvin Benjiman - Rookie ready to shine early and hopefully often.
Round #12 - Josh McCown - Ok I got two! with all of the tall weapons around him, running game healthy, and an improved offensive line. I don't think he will ride the pine on my bench long!
Round #13 - Carolina Panthers - Reached a little to grab the defense I wanted at least for the first two games Buccaneers and Bills!
Round #14 - Charles Clay - I thought it was time to quit waiting on TE, I just missed Dennis Pitta.
Round #15 - Dexter McCluster - Wild Card on this pick!
Round #16 - Devonte Freeman - PPR starting running back by week 6?
Round #17 - Eric Ebron - Back up with great upside!
Round #18 - Cody Parkey - New kicker for the Eagles.

As you can see I waited on quarterback and tight end. I went for a value pick instead of going after the big fish and leaving me running back deficient. I feel like I have a solid running game and a decent receiving corps. But, I will need those qb's to exceed career numbers to win this thing!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 "Orange Is The New Black" Fantasy Team 12 team PPR 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex, K, D/ST, 6Bench, 1IR Draft Results Pick 11...Please Rate!

This 12 team ppr league has a catch it is 20 yards per point for receiving yards and return yards (the player gets a point for every 25 yards as well as D/ST). Rushing (10 Yards a Point) and passing (25 yards a point) is standard.
I am hoping that my rookies pan out by week 4 or five so I can do some trading for depth for the playoffs.
I was fourth last year and most of my good players sat the last game and killed my playoffs. So this year I will be looking at this real close to see if I can maximize my playoff roster by getting those players that will play in the last two weeks of the regular season!

Round #1 - Doug Martin - I am a Buccaneers fan - Don't judge!
Round #2 - DeMarco Murray - Think he will need to carry the load in Dallas and the Defense should keep them on the field.
Round #3 - Andre Ellington - Expecting a break out year!
Round #4 - Cordelle Patterson - Return yards and hoping for a big year receiving.
Round #5 - Michael Floyd - Hopefully he will get lots of touches
Round #6 - Golden Tate - New scenery may help bring fantasy value
Round #7 - Jay Cutler - I hope the INT's are down and the TD's are up in 2014
Round #8 - Tavon Austin - going for the return yards as well as the first option in St. Louis
Round #9 - Mike Evans - Glad he was still there. A big target for McCown
Round #10 - Kelvin Benjiman - Went with the rookies in next two picks Bejiman at FSU he was a stud so I hope it translates.
Round #11 - Markus Wheaton - Could he become the first option in Pittsburg by years end?
Round #12 - LaDarius Green - A big target and Antonio Gates is not getting any younger.
Round #13 - Minnesota Vikings - They have St. louis in the first game. I always stream my defenses.
Round #14 - Eric Ebron - Took a chance on another young one?
Round #15 - Conner Barth was drafted - Had to drop picked up Blair Walsh again he has St. Louis in first game?

So, as the 11th pick how do you think I will fair. 
I will keep you updated as weeks go by!

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